Best American Standard Toilet That Flushes Golf Balls (Identified!)

Toilets have come a long way since their inception, evolving from simple chambers to intricate systems that efficiently remove waste and even flush golf balls. Speaking of flushing abilities, I endeavored to find an American Standard toilet that flushes golf balls.

You can flush gold balls with an American Standard Champion 4 toilet because of its impeccable flushing capability and wide trapway. This toilet flushed golf balls (a bucket) with one flush using twenty percent less water during a test.

While this feature may seem unusual and perhaps unnecessary, it showcases the remarkable capabilities of the American Standard Champion 4 toilet. Continue reading for much more about this toilet.

American standard toilet flush bucket golf balls

Qualities of An American Standard Toilet That Flushes Golf Balls: American Standard Champion 4

An American Standard toilet that can flush golf balls operates on the same fundamental principles as other toilets but with some notable differences in design and power. These differences are:

1. Flushing Mechanism

Toilets equipped with the ability to flush golf balls typically feature a high-powered flush mechanism. Conventional toilets use gravity to remove waste from the bowl, relying on the water in the tank to create enough force to carry waste down the drain.

In contrast, golf ball flush toilets employ a more forceful approach, often utilizing a powerful jet of water or air to expel the object from the bowl. The siphonic jet action not only clears the bowl efficiently but also contributes to the forceful flush necessary for moving objects like golf balls.

2. Enhanced Trapway Design

The trapway is the curved channel that connects the toilet bowl to the drainpipe. Trapways come in different sizes, so you can find a toilet with a small trapway and another with a large one.

Toilets that can flush golf balls have a trapway with a larger diameter and a smoother, more efficient shape. This allows for better flow and reduces the likelihood of clogs when flushing objects like golf balls.

The Champion 4 toilet has a wide (2-3/8 inches) and completely glazed trapway. This design allows for a smoother and more efficient evacuation of waste and objects, including golf balls.

3. Pressure-Boosting Mechanisms

Water pressure is a crucial factor in the ability of a toilet to flush large objects. Golf ball flush toilets deliver a higher water pressure during the flush cycle, which generates the force required to move the golf ball through the trapway and into the drainpipe.

The Champion 4 is designed to work well with standard residential water pressure levels, ensuring a forceful flush.

4. Tank Capacity

Sometimes, toilets that flush golf balls have larger water tanks than standard toilets. This extra water volume ensures there is enough pressure to propel the golf ball with sufficient force to clear the trapway.

5. Flapper Valve or Flush Valve Size

The flush valve in toilets that can flush golf balls is significantly larger than what you’d find in a standard toilet. This increased size allows for a rapid release of water, creating a powerful flush that can move heavy objects effortlessly.

The Champion 4 toilet features a powerful flush valve that allows a large volume of water to rush into the bowl quickly when you flush. This rapid flow of water creates a strong siphon action, which helps to carry away even large and heavy objects like golf balls.

6. Durable Materials

For a toilet to handle the impact of golf balls, it should be constructed from durable materials, such as high-quality porcelain or ceramic, to withstand the impact of a golf ball and the stresses of frequent flushing. In addition, the bowl and tank may need additional reinforcement, which could involve thicker walls or specialized materials.

The Champion 4 toilet is constructed using durable materials and a robust flushing mechanism, making it less likely to experience breakdowns or performance issues over time.

7. EverClean Surface

The Champion 4 toilet has an EverClean surface. This smooth, mirror-like finish not only makes cleaning easier but also reduces friction, helping objects like golf balls to slide easily through the trapway.

Which toilet flushes golf balls?

American Standard Champion 4 Features

Now that you know the qualities of a toilet that can flush golf balls, let’s review the Champion 4. This model is known for its excellent performance and water-saving features.

Check out its features below.

a) Flush Power

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is known for its impressive flush power. It is designed to provide a strong and effective flush to prevent clogs and efficiently clear waste from the bowl.

The Champion 4 toilets often have a MaP rating of 1000 grams. This rating means they are capable of flushing away up to 1000 grams (approximately 2.2 pounds) of solid waste in a single flush.

This rating is considerably higher than the industry standard and reflects the toilet’s ability to handle heavy waste loads and even gold balls.

Also, the Champion 4 features an Accelerator flush valve, which delivers water into the bowl at a high velocity. This design helps create a robust and forceful flush that effectively clears the bowl of waste.

b) Water-Saving Properties

The Champion 4 toilet typically uses 1.6 gallons per flush (gpf) or less. This is considered a low-flow toilet, designed to use significantly less water than older, less efficient toilets.

By using less water with each flush, Champion 4 toilets help consume less water, thus contributing to water conservation. Also, many American Standard Champion 4 toilet models are WaterSense certified.

Toilets must use 1.28 gpf or less while still effectively clearing waste to earn the WaterSense label. WaterSense-certified toilets help homeowners save water and reduce water bills without sacrificing flushing power.

Despite its low water usage, the Champion 4 toilet has a strong flush performance. This ensures you don’t have to double flush, further conserving water.

c) Elongated and Round Bowls

The American Standard Champion 4 toilet is available in both elongated and round bowl shapes. Therefore, pick the bowl that suits your preferences and bathroom space.

On the one hand, elongated bowls have a more comfortable seating position because of their extended shape, which provides better support to the thighs. They provide extra space in the front, making them suitable if you prefer a larger seating area.

Also, elongated bowls often have a more modern and streamlined appearance; therefore, they can enhance the overall look of your bathroom. Here is an American Standard Champion 4 toilet (View on Amazon) with an elongated bowl, EverClean, and a 2-3/8” (60 mm) fully-glazed trapway.

On the other hand, round bowls are more compact than elongated bowls and typically shorter from front to back. Moreover, they have a classic and traditional appearance and thus can blend well with various bathroom styles.

Consider them if you have limited space since their compact size allows them to fit well in smaller bathrooms and powder rooms.

d) Comfort Height

The American Standard Champion 4 Comfort Height toilet is a specific model of the Champion 4 series designed with a higher seating height compared to traditional toilets.

It typically has a seat height of approximately 17 to 19 inches from the floor to the top of the seat. This is higher than the standard seat height of around 15 inches found on most traditional toilets.

The higher seat height makes it more accessible and user-friendly, particularly for individuals with mobility issues, elderly individuals, and taller people. It is also more comfortable, as it requires less bending of the knees and less strain on the joints.

e) Slow Close Seat

This is an optional accessory designed to enhance the functionality and convenience of the Champion 4 toilet. Slow-close seats have special hinges that allow them to close slowly and gently when released.

The slow-closing feature prevents the seat and lid from slamming shut, reducing noise and potential damage to the toilet bowl.

Furthermore, it’s a safer option, especially in households with children, since it reduces the risk of accidental finger injuries caused by fast-closing toilet seats. Also, the slow-close feature makes your bathroom routine more convenient.

Moreover, the gentle closing action can extend the lifespan of your toilet seat and hinges by reducing wear and tear. Maintenance is also more straightforward because many slow seats are designed for easy removal and cleaning.

f) EverClean Surface

Some American Standard Champion 4 toilets have EverClean surfaces. EverClean surface is a patented antimicrobial coating applied to the toilet bowl’s surface. It inhibits mold, bacteria, and mildew which can lead to staining, odors, and hygiene issues.

Also, the smooth, non-porous EverClean surface is designed for easy cleaning. It resists dirt and stains, making maintenance more straightforward and less frequent.

In addition, EverClean is durable and long-lasting, ensuring your toilet bowl remains cleaner and more hygienic over time.

The combination of Champion 4’s powerful flush and EverClean surface technology creates a toilet that not only efficiently clears waste but also maintains a cleaner and more hygienic bowl.

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Practical Applications of Toilets That Flush Golf Balls

While flushing golf balls down a toilet might be a fun and intriguing experiment, there are practical reasons for developing toilets with such flushing capabilities.

Here are a few scenarios where toilets capable of flushing large objects like golf balls can be beneficial:

i) Commercial and Public Restrooms

In high-traffic public restrooms or commercial settings, toilets are more susceptible to misuse, including flushing non-standard items. Therefore, toilets that can handle flushing objects like paper towels, sanitary products, or other debris without clogging are essential in these environments to minimize maintenance and downtime.

ii) Industrial Facilities

Industrial facilities often require heavy-duty toilets that can handle flushing objects that may accidentally fall into the bowl. This prevents production disruptions and ensures efficient waste removal.

iii) Specialized Applications

In laboratories, research facilities, or other specialized settings, the ability to flush large objects may be necessary for effectively disposing of waste or cleaning equipment.

iv) Preventing Clogs

Golf ball flush toilets can help reduce the frequency of clogs in residential settings. They are especially handy in households with young children who may inadvertently flush toys or other objects down the toilet.

Summary of American Standard Toilet That Flushes Golf Balls

American Standard toilets that flush golf balls can handle unusual objects, making them clog-resistant. They also provide practical benefits in various settings, including commercial, industrial, and specialized applications.

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