Where To Hang Wet Towels After Shower? (10 Options)

Nobody wants a musty bathroom. Unfortunately, a major contributor to this issue is something we use every day- wet towels, which is why you must know how to handle them. An important step towards a hygienic bathroom is knowing where to hang wet towels after shower.

You can hang wet towels after showering on a towel bar, towel hook, towel rack, heated towel rail, towel ladder, or towel tree. You can also use a towel stand, a clothes hanger, a wall-mounted shelving, or a towel ring.

Let’s delve deeper into these towel-hanging spots below.

Where to put wet towels after shower

Where To Hang Wet Towels After Shower?

When it comes to the choice of where to hang wet towels, consider functionality, convenience, and aesthetics.

1. Towel Bar

If you have sufficient wall space, towel bars are an excellent choice for hanging your towels, both dry and wet. Towel bars are popular and practical.

Due to the horizontal design, you can neatly drape over your towels, providing a dedicated space for drying while keeping your bathroom organized. You can install multiple towel bars if the area allows it, thus giving you extra hanging space.

Install a towel bar within arm’s reach of the shower, allowing easy access without dripping water across the bathroom floor. In addition, mount it securely on the wall at a height convenient for reaching, and ensure your towels don’t touch the ground.

For a touch of luxury and functionality, consider heated towel bars. They will dry your towels efficiently and provide a warm, cozy sensation after a shower.

2. Towel Rack

Towel racks are versatile and come in different designs. These are:

  • Wall-Mounted Towel Racks: These racks are fixed to the wall and come in various lengths and styles. Install them at a convenient height near the shower to allow for easy access while preventing towels from dragging on the floor.
  • Freestanding Towel Racks: They are ideal for bathrooms where wall mounting isn’t feasible or if you prefer portable solutions. Choose a sturdy, well-balanced, freestanding rack with multiple bars or tiers for hanging towels.
  • Foldable Drying Racks: These racks offer flexibility in space utilization. You can unfold them when needed and tuck them away when not in use, making them ideal for bathrooms with limited space or if you prefer not to have permanent fixtures.

Do not fold your towels over bars. Instead, drape it over the rack to maximize airflow and promote quicker drying. Also, ensure the towels aren’t bunched up since this can compromise ventilation.

If your towel rack has multiple bars or tiers, hang smaller towels or washcloths on the lower bars and larger bath towels on the upper ones.

3. Hooks

For a simple yet functional place to hang your wet towels, consider hooks. You can either select wall-mounted hooks or over-the-door hooks.

Wall-Mounted Hooks: These hooks are typically installed directly onto the bathroom wall. Opt for robust hooks capable of supporting wet towels’ weight without becoming loose or sagging.

Over-the-Door Hooks: Consider these hooks if you’ve got less wall space. They fit over the top of the door, providing a space-saving option for hanging towels.

There is a wide range of hook designs available, from modern styles to decorative or traditional options. So, choose the ones that suit your bathroom’s aesthetic.

For instance, Heavy Duty Wall Hooks Self Adhesive Towel Coat Hooks (View on Amazon) are transparent, so they match different decoration styles. They are also versatile, heavy-duty, and durable.

Allow towels to hang loosely without folding them over the hooks to promote better airflow and quicker drying. Also, avoid bunching or overcrowding towels on a single hook to ensure proper ventilation.

4. Towel Ladder

These freestanding structures mimic the shape of a ladder and offer multiple rungs or bars for towel hanging. Select a towel ladder made of sturdy and moisture-resistant material; options include wood, metal, or bamboo.

In addition, consider the design and aesthetics of the ladder, ensuring it complements your bathroom decor. When hanging wet towels on a towel ladder, drape them over the rungs without folding them, and don’t crowd or overlap them.

Organize your towels based on size or usage, hanging smaller towels on lower rungs and larger ones on higher rungs.

5. Heated Towel Rail

Install a heated towel rail for luxury, comfort, and practicality as they dry and warm your towels. Heated towel rails come in various types, including electric, hydronic, or dual-fuel rails.

Electric rails plug into an electrical outlet, hydronic ones connect to a home’s heating system, while dual-fuel rails offer both options.

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6. Towel Tree

This freestanding structure, specifically designed for hanging towels, typically features multiple arms or branches you can drape over your towels for drying. You can choose a sleek, modern towel tree or a more traditional or decorative design.

Besides the design, consider the number of arms or branches on the towel tree, ensuring it provides enough space to hang the number of towels you typically use. Towel trees fit various spaces, and you can easily relocate them because they are usually freestanding and portable.

Some towel trees have additional features, such as shelves or hooks, that enhance the tree’s functionality. You can use these features to store toiletries or hang extra towels.

7. Wall-Mounted Shelving

While not designed explicitly for towel hanging, with some creativity and the right accessories, you can hang wet towels on wall-mounted shelves. Opt for sturdy, wide shelves that can support the weight of wet towels.

Moreover, look for shelves with hooks, bars, or attachments designed for towel hanging. Besides towel hanging, utilize the shelves for storing additional bathroom essentials like toiletries, folded towels, or decorative items.

Choose shelves that complement your bathroom decor and style, such as sleek and modern or rustic and decorative.

8. Towel Ring

Although towel rings are typically used to hang hand towels, you can also hang wet towels on them, provided they are sturdy and big enough.

Towel rings feature a circular or semi-circular structure attached to the wall. You’ll find them in different styles, such as modern, traditional, or eclectic.

They also come in different sizes. For example, the Moen Donnor Collection Chrome Wall Mount Contemporary Bathroom Hand-Towel Ring (View on Amazon) is 6.25 inches in diameter, easy to install, stylish, and cost-effective.

9. Towel Stand

Another place to hang wet towels is on a towel stand, a freestanding structure consisting of multiple bars or arms. Consider the number of arms and bars you need when choosing a towel stand.

Also, make sure it is stable and well-balanced to support the weight of wet towels without tipping over. Position your towel stand near the tub or shower on a flat surface and ensure it doesn’t obstruct movement in the bathroom.

10. Clothes Hanger

Although it wasn’t designed specifically for towels, a clothes hanger can still serve as a towel hanger when other dedicated towel-hanging options are not available. Secure your towel in place with clothespins or clips to keep it from slipping off the hanger.

Hang your wet towels on a sturdy and durable clothes hanger that can support their weight wet without bending or breaking. In addition, select a wide or padded hanger to prevent towel creases or marks caused by narrow hangers.

Note that clothes hangers may not provide as efficient drying or proper airflow compared to towel-specific hanging solutions. Therefore, use them temporarily until you have a more suitable solution.

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How To Choose Where To Hang Wet Towels In Bathroom

Consider these when picking a place to hang your wet towels.

a) Ventilation

Good airflow helps towels dry faster by carrying moisture away from the fabric’s surface, preventing the growth of mildew or unpleasant odors. Hang towels in open areas rather than enclosed spaces.

Open your bathroom door or windows to promote air circulation. Alternatively, use fans or dehumidifiers.

b) Sunlight

Sunlight can be a powerful ally when drying wet towels efficiently and keeping them fresh. It has natural antibacterial properties, helping to kill bacteria that might linger on damp towels.

Moreover, the warmth and light from the sun accelerate the drying process, aiding in moisture evaporation from the towels.

c) Hooks or Bars?

The choice between hooks and bars for hanging towels depends on various factors, including space, convenience, and personal preference. Hooks are convenient, space-saving, and can add a decorative element to your bathroom since they come in various styles.

However, towels hung on hooks might touch each other, potentially reducing airflow and slowing the drying process.

On the other hand, bars allow for better airflow and faster drying times and accommodate multiple towels without them overlapping. However, they occupy more space and might demand extra effort to install.


You can have both towel hooks and bars in your bathroom.

d) Distance from Water Sources

The distance from water sources affects the drying process and the towels’ hygiene. You can expedite drying by placing towels closer to water sources like showers or sinks due to the warm, humid air in these areas.

However, placing towels very close to a shower or sink might cause them to get splashed frequently, prolonging their drying time. Therefore, aim for a distance that allows for adequate drying without being directly in the path of splashes or excess moisture, which could be a spot a few feet away from the water source.

e) Adequate Space

Adequate spacing between towels ensures better airflow and quicker drying, so avoid overcrowding towels on a single rack or hook. Make sure each towel has enough space to hang freely without touching neighboring towels.

f) Material of the Hanging Surface

Opt for moisture and corrosion-resistant surfaces like plastic, metal, or certain types of treated wood to prevent damage or mold growth. Also, ensure the material can support the weight of wet towels without warping, bending, or deteriorating over time.

g) Accessibility

Hang your wet towels within arm’s reach and not obstructed by other objects or furniture. In addition, consider the height of children, elderly family members, or individuals with mobility issues to make it accessible to all.

Summary of Where To Hang Wet Towels After Shower

Whether it’s utilizing hooks, racks, bars, or other innovative solutions, the key is to prioritize proper drying, hygiene, and ease of access to your towels. Therefore, consider your bathroom layout, personal preferences, and the factors influencing towel drying when selecting the perfect spot to hang your towels.

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