8 Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems And Solutions Explained

If you have ever used a Kohler toilet, then you know this company makes quality toilet pieces, and Cimarron is one of them. While toilet issues are part of life, choosing the best toilet goes a long way in ensuring you enjoy your toilet, but a kohler cimarron toilet problems troubleshooting guide is helpful.

The common issues you’ll likely face with a Kohler Cimarron are clogging, non-stop running, loose handles, damaged flush lever, and the finish wearing off. The upside is you can solve these problems alone without using a plumber.

This guide provides a walk-through of the problems with this toilet and how to solve them.

Kohler cimarron toilet flushing problems

Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems (Causes & Fixes)

 ProblemCauseRecommended Fix
 1. CloggingA blockage in the bowl or trap way
Poor flushing
Unclog the toilet
 2. Non-stop runningLeaky fill valve
Old handle or flapper chain  
Unkink lift chain
Repair the float ball
Replace the fill valve
 3. Loose handleDisconnected or loose chains
Worn-out toilet handle
Reconnect the chain
Replace torn chain
Clean or replace the handle
 4. Faulty flush leverOld or damaged flush valves Disconnected leverReconnect or replace the flush lever
 5.The toilet finish wearing offLess durable finishRefinish the toilet
  6. Slow refillFaulty valve inlet, seat washer, or valve seat
A clogged vent or drain faulty plumbing blocked pipe
Clean or replace valve inlet, seat washer, or valve seat
Unclog the vent or drain
Fix plumbing
Unblock the pipe
 7. Poor flushingExcessively long chain
Clogged inlet holes
Improperly connected supply hose
Tighten the chain
Unclog the inlet holes
Connect the supply hose
Turn the adjustment screw clockwise
 8. Toilet not flushingDisconnected the lever chain and handle
The shutoff valve is turned off
Reconnect the lever chain and handle
Turn on the shutoff valve

1. Clogging

While this issue is rare for Kohler Cimarron toilets, it can happen. This problem occurs due to a blockage in the bowl or trap way or the tank not filling up correctly.


Insert your plunger into the toilet, push it to create a seal, and then push it up and down to dislodge the clog.  

2. Non-Stop Running

If your toilet continues flowing into the tank after it fills, it will soon get flooded, and over time, it will cause hygiene and health issues. This problem stems from a failing flush valve, an old toilet handle or flapper chain, or a kinked chain link.


  • A kinked chain link keeps the ball seals from covering the drain. Unkink it

Adjust Float Ball

  • Stop water flow
  • Turn the float screws counterclockwise to loosen them
  • Lower your toilet’s float ball by loosening the screws
  • Restore water, let the tank fill with water, and examine whether the issue is corrected

Replace the Toilet’s Flapper Chain

  • Stop the water flow and flush the toilet
  • Unclip the chain from the handle lever
  • Insert the replacement flapper into its rightful place, then hook each flapper’s ear onto the pegs found on the valve’s side
  • Adjust the chain accordingly, giving it around ½” of slack
  • Re-establish the water flow then flush a few times to make sure you fixed everything

Replace The Fill Valve

  • Flush your toilet after stopping water flow
  • Find and unscrew the lock nut found at the fill valve’s base. Lift the fill valve
  • Insert the replacement fill valve and screw the lock nut
  • Restore water supply

3. Loose Handle

You can feel whether your toilet handle has the proper strength or pressure when you flush your toilet. If it doesn’t, then it’s loose. This issue results from worn-out handle or disconnected or loose chains.


  • Open the toilet lid
  • Attach the lift chain to the toilet seal ball if disconnected
  • Replace a torn chain
  • Clean the debris on the handle nuts using vinegar
  • If the handle nuts are missing or severely damaged, replace the entire toilet handle
  • At the tank’s bottom, inspect the wire attaching the plug. Reconnect it if disconnected, and avoid further disconnections by tightening the mounting nut. Replace the wire if it’s completely torn or worn-out

4. Faulty Flush Lever

Flushing your toilet becomes problematic if the flush lever is worn-out, damaged, or disconnected. If the toilet handle assembling is worn-out, it will affect the flush lever’s functioning.

Flush levers are metal or plastic-made. Typically, plastic flush levers undergo wear and tear quickly, while metal ones last longer but are susceptible to rust.


  • Reconnect the flush lever, ensuring the lift chain is connected to the tank’s bottom
  • Replace the lever if broken
Kohler cimarron toilet troubleshooting

5. The Finish Is Coming Off

Kohler Cimarron does not have the best finish since it’s a pretty affordable model. Compared to luxury toilets, its finish has average durability and overall aesthetics.


Get a refinishing kit online or at a hardware store. The kits have a coat made up of various layers and also come with a buffing agent and polish.

Before refinishing your toilet, wear protective gloves. Also, examine the toilet to see if any repairs are needed because a refinishing kit will only take care of worn-out toilet color and tiny scratches or dents.

Remember refinishing will not take care of broken porcelain or cracked concrete.

6. Slow Refill After Flushing

A clogged vent or drain, faulty plumbing, or a blocked pipe can cause this issue. Additionally, the shutoff valve may be partially open, or the valve inlet, seat washer, or valve seat is faulty.

Fixing this problem is relatively straightforward once you diagnose it.


  • Ensure the shutoff valve is fully open
  • Clean the valve inlet, seat washer, or valve seat to remove any debris and dirt
  • Unclog the vent– pull out any blockages in the vent using needle nose pliers. Also, baking soda and vinegar helps plunge out the drain. Pour vinegar (six cups) into your cimarron tank, then baking soda (one cup), plunge for around 10 minutes, then flush
  • Unclog the drain– pour some baking soda and vinegar into the toilet drain and plunge it. After 10 minutes, pour baking soda (1/2 a cup), then boiling water (6 cups). If that does not work, unclog it with a snake
  •  Have a professional fix plumbing leaks
  •  Remove pipe blockage– pour boiling water into the toilet drain to dissolve the blockages, then clear them out using a plunger

7. Poor Flushing

Your toilet must have a strong flush for your waste to be drained out efficiently. However, you may find that your Kohler Cimarron has a weak flush.

Poor flushing can occur if the chain is too long, causing slack, clogged inlet holes, or an improperly connected supply hose.


  • Remove the lid and keep it in a safe, stable area
  • Flush your toilet, and while it refills, turn the adjustment screw clockwise with a screwdriver to raise the water level. Ensure the water level lies on the fill line spot
  • Remove the toilet chain, then remove a couple of links to ensure it is the correct length
  • Dislodge gunk blocking the inlet holes using hot vinegar. After that, use a short wire to prode the holes
  • Attach the supply hose correctly to ensure the tanks fills up easily

8. Toilet Not Flushing

Having a Kohler cimarron toilet that won’t flush is frustrating since that means draining the waste by pouring water down the toilet bowl or not using the toilet at all. This problem can happen if the shutoff valve is closed or the lever chain and handle are disconnected.


  • Lift the toilet lid
  • Reconnect the lever chain and toilet handle if they are disconnected
  • Shorten the chain if it’s too long
  • Ensure the trip lever is parallel to the tank’s top part
  • The bracket of the trip arm lies flat on the tank’s interior
Kohler cimarron toilet leaking between tank and bowl


1. How Do I Adjust The Water Level On My Kohler Cimarron?

Adjust your Kohler Cimarron water level by turning the adjustment screw. Counterclockwise lowers the water level while clockwise raises it. Do this using a Phillips screwdriver. Flush  a few times to make sure you rectified the water level.

2. Is Kohler Cimarron Toilet Discontinued?

Kohler Cimarron was discontinued and replaced by Kohler Veil, which has different modern and efficient bathroom products that have unique features. These features include a built-in nightlight, air-powered flush systems, and heated seats.

You will get a high-end experience featuring effortless operation and contemporary design.

3. How Does Kohler Cimarron Toilet Work?

Kohler Cimarron’s flushing system is an Aquapiston Class 5 that dispenses a powerful, rapid, 360-degree flush. A single flush can eliminate up to 2.2 pounds (1000 grams) of waste. Furthermore, this toilet is water-saving, and WaterSense certified.

Final Remarks on Kohler Cimarron Toilet Problems

Kohler Cimarron is a quality, affordable toilet with a decent appearance. However, this piece has its share of problems, as discussed above. Fortunately, you can DIY solve its problems but do not hesitate to seek the help of a plumber if you aren’t equipped to handle some issues. In addition, consider a different toilet if you are seeking a more luxurious toilet.

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