What’s The Average Toilet Paper Roll Circumference? (Read This)

In the seemingly mundane aspects of daily life exists a silent hero: toilet paper, a product we use every day, often without giving it a second thought. However, what’s the average toilet paper roll circumference?

Standard toilet paper rolls are around 5.5 to 6 inches (14 to 15 cm) in circumference. However, the precise size may fluctuate, contingent on the brand and the toilet paper type. Some rolls are smaller for compact dispensers, while others are larger for more substantial rolls.

Is toilet paper roll circumference something you should pay attention to? Find out its significance and more on the subject below.

Kirkland toilet paper roll circumference

Toilet Paper Roll Circumference And Size

As you already know, toilet paper rolls come in different sizes and circumferences, and the dimensions vary based on brand, toilet paper type, and region. While more sizes may exist, here are the general guidelines.

1. Standard Size

The Standard-size toilet paper rolls are manufactured to balance functionality, convenience, and ease of use. The size and design of these rolls make them practical for storage, transportation, and installation in various restroom settings.

Width: Around 4.5 inches (11.43 cm).

Diameter: Approximately 4.5 to 5.5 inches (11.43 to 13.97 cm).

Core Diameter: Roughly 1.625 inches (4.13 cm).

Circumference: Around 5.5 to 6 inches (14 to 15 centimeters).

2. Compact Size

Compact-sized toilet paper rolls are designed to fit in smaller dispensers, making them suitable for environments where space is a consideration. They are commonly found in public restrooms, commercial establishments, and other locations where the need for frequent restocking may be high.

They are smaller than standard-size toilet paper rolls with a narrower width, smaller diameter, and a smaller circumference.

Width: About 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)

Diameter: 3 to 4 inches (7.62 to 10.16 cm)

Circumference: Around 4 inches (10 cm) or less

3. Jumbo Size

These are larger-than-standard toilet paper rolls designed to contain more paper. They help minimize roll changes and potentially reduce maintenance costs in high-traffic or commercial restroom settings.

While you can use jumbo rolls at home, you will often see them in commercial and public places with a higher demand for toilet paper.

Width: Around 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)

Diameter: Exceeding 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) and can go up to 9 inches (22.86 cm) or more

Circumference: Over 6 inches (15 centimeters)

4. Mega and Super Mega Size

Some brands offer mega or super mega rolls. They have more sheets and a larger circumference and are generally larger than standard and jumbo rolls.

On the one hand, mega-size toilet paper rolls are larger than standard and jumbo rolls but smaller than super mega rolls. They typically have a greater diameter and more paper than jumbo rolls.

Width: Around 4.5 inches (11.43 cm)

Diameter: Over 6 inches (15.24 cm)

On the other hand, super mega-size toilet paper rolls are the largest among the three categories- standard, jumbo, and super mega. They have an even larger diameter and contain more toilet paper.

Width: Around 4.5 Inches (11.43cm)

Diameter: More than 9 inches (22.86 cm)


Mega and super mega-size rolls have a circumference larger than standard and jumbo sizes.

How Long Is A Toilet Paper Roll Tube In Inches?

A standard toilet paper roll tube is typically around 4 inches long. However, this can vary based on toilet paper type and brand.

Angel soft toilet paper roll circumference

What Is the Importance of Knowing The Circumference of A Toilet Paper Roll?

So, we have explored the circumferences of different toilet papers, but is this information necessary? In that case, this section examines the reasons toilet paper roll circumference matters.

The dimensions of a toilet paper roll may seem inconsequential, but they play a crucial role in determining the user experience and convenience. Here’s how:

a) Storage

By considering the circumference and size of toilet paper rolls, you can select packages that fit well in your designated storage spaces. Whether you keep your toilet paper under the sink, in a cabinet, or on a shelf, having rolls that match the available space prevents clutter and allows for easy access.

Choosing the right-sized toilet paper rolls can help optimize the available shelf or cabinet space if you have limited storage space in your bathroom. This is particularly important in small bathrooms.

In addition, knowing the size of the rolls allows you to estimate how many rolls can comfortably fit in your storage area. This information lets you make informed decisions when buying in larger quantities.

Moreover, well-organized storage with appropriately sized toilet paper rolls makes locating and accessing the rolls easier when needed.

b) Dispensing Efficiency

Toilet paper dispensers are designed to accommodate specific roll sizes, so knowing the size of your toilet paper roll ensures that it fits correctly in your dispenser. Using the wrong size can result in difficulty pulling the paper, uneven tearing, or the roll not fitting at all.

You risk jamming your toilet paper roll dispenser by using incorrectly sized rolls, leading to frustration and time wastage. You won’t struggle to tear off the right amount of toilet paper if the roll properly fits into the holder.

In contrast, you can unravel or tear toilet paper unevenly if the roll doesn’t fit properly in the dispenser. Since you will likely discard these portions, this is wasteful and costly.

Furthermore, constantly using improperly sized rolls can lead to wear and tear on the dispenser, resulting in more frequent maintenance or replacement. Also, adequately fitting rolls contribute to a neater and more organized bathroom appearance.

d) Frequency of Replacement

Larger rolls generally last longer before needing replacement. Therefore, larger rolls are more convenient if you prefer fewer toilet paper replacements.  

Conversely, smaller rolls suit you better if space is limited or you prefer a specific type of toilet paper. You could also choose smaller toilet paper rolls if you do not mind replacing toilet paper often.

In addition, by knowing how frequently you need to replace rolls, you can plan and ensure you always have an ample supply, reducing the likelihood of inconvenient stockouts.

c) Cost Considerations

You can calculate the cost per sheet of a toilet paper roll if you know its size. This information will help you compare different brands and packages to make a more informed decision about the value you’re getting for your money.

Typically, larger rolls generally offer better value for money since they contain more sheets. For instance, Georgia-Pacific Blue Basic 2-Ply Jumbo Jr. 9” Toilet Paper (View on Amazon) has 1000 sheets and is reliable and economical.

Also, you can budget more effectively for your toiletry expenses if you have a clear understanding of how long a roll typically lasts in your household.

What Can Affect The Circumference Of Toilet Paper Rolls?

Several factors can influence the circumference of toilet paper rolls. These are:

i) Sheet Size

The dimensions of each sheet, including length and width, directly impact how many sheets can be wound around the roll. Larger sheets generally allow for fewer rotations around the roll, resulting in a smaller circumference.

Contrastingly, smaller sheets can allow more sheets to be wound around the roll, resulting in a larger circumference.

ii) Ply Count

Ply refers to the number of layers or sheets of paper bonded together to form a single piece of toilet paper.

Higher ply counts generally result in thicker sheets of toilet paper. Consequently, thicker sheets take up more space when wound around the roll compared to thinner ones, potentially increasing the circumference of the roll.

iii) Core Size

The diameter of the cardboard core directly affects how tightly the toilet paper is wound around it. A larger core diameter allows for more paper to be wound around it, resulting in a larger circumference for the entire roll.

iv) Compression

How toilet paper rolls are compressed during transportation can change their shape, thus affecting their circumference.

Empty toilet paper roll circumference

How To Calculate Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

Below are the different ways to calculate the circumference of a roll of toilet paper.

a) Using The Diameter of The Toilet Paper Roll

To calculate the circumference of a toilet paper roll, use the formula:



C is the circumference, π is a mathematical constant approximately equal to 3.14159, and d is the circle’s diameter.

Here are the steps to calculate the circumference of a toilet paper roll:

a) Measure The Diameter

Use a tape or ruler measuring tape to determine the diameter of the toilet paper roll. The diameter refers to the distance across a circle’s center, passing through the midpoint.

b) Plug The Diameter Into The Formula

Take the measured diameter and substitute it into the formula C=π×d.

c) Calculate The Circumference

Multiply the diameter by π to find the circumference. For example, if the diameter of the toilet paper roll is 5.5 inches:


C= 3.14159×5.5

C= 17.278 inches

So, the circumference of a toilet paper roll with a diameter of 5.5 inches is approximately 17.278 inches.

b) By The Number of Sheets In A Roll

To calculate the total circumference of multiple toilet paper rolls when given the number of rolls and the circumference of a single roll, you can use the following formula:

Total Circumference = Number of Rolls × Circumference of a Single Roll

Here are the steps to calculate it:

i) Determine the Circumference of a Single Roll

If you have the actual measurement of a single toilet paper roll, use that. On the other hand, use the formula C=π×d if you only know the diameter to calculate the circumference, where

C is the circumference, π is a constant (approximately 3.14159), and d is the diameter.

ii) Use the Formula

Multiply the number of rolls by the circumference of a single roll to find the total circumference.

Total Circumference=Number of Rolls × Circumference of a Single Roll

For example, if you have 10 rolls of toilet paper, and each roll has a circumference of 17.278 inches:

Total Circumference=10×17.278 inches

Total Circumference=172.78 inches

So, the total circumference of 10 toilet paper rolls, each with a circumference of 17.278 inches, would be 172.78 inches.

Summary of Toilet Paper Roll Circumference

The circumference of toilet paper rolls is not arbitrary. On the contrary, it is a carefully considered aspect that influences storage, dispensing, environmental impact, and economic considerations. Furthermore, it can influence your bathroom’s aesthetics, so consider this critical factor during your selection.

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