Why Does Poop Smell Linger on Skin? (Reasons & Solutions)

Pooping is a private but normal aspect of life for most people, and although the number of times people poop in a week varies, one thing remains constant, poop smells awful. Wiping and cleaning after pooping is essential because the smell can linger, but why does poop smell linger on skin?

Different things make poop smell linger on your skin. These are failing to clean after yourself after pooping, the type of poop (regular poop produces a more potent smell), and high hydrogen sulfide quantities. The likelihood of smellier poop lingering on your skin is higher than less smelly poop.

Read on for a deeper look into why poop lingers on your skin and how to remove and prevent the smell.

Do you smell bad after pooping

Why Does Poop Smell Linger on Skin?

If you find the smell of poop lingering on your skin, it is due to the following reasons:

1. Poor Wiping or Cleaning

Wiping yourself after pooping is a must-do because walking around with poop on your butt is gross, and you will also smell nasty. Therefore, use sufficient toilet paper to wipe or use a bidet if you have one.

Alternatively, wash your butt with clean water after wiping to ensure you remove the smell completely. Furthermore, wash your hands with soap and water after wiping.

Also, fold enough toilet paper to form a thick layer to avoid getting poop on your hands.

2. Smellier Poop

Although all poop has a bad smell, some can develop a more potent smell than others for different reasons. The odors of such poop will take longer to disappear and may linger on your skin.

The reasons your poop may smellier worse than usual include:

i) A Diet Rich In Sulfur

Digesting sulfur-rich foods like cruciferous vegetables, meat, and cheese is harder than other foods, and the process produces more gases, making your poop pungent. The bacteria inside your gut convert sulfur-rich foods to hydrogen sulfide.

However, remember the reaction to consuming these foods differs in people. For some, their poop will smell nastier than usual, while the change may be negligible to others.

ii) Medication

Some medications can give poop a more potent smell than normal. For instance, antibiotics can raise the production of sulfur gas.

The number of capsules or pills taken can also cause various smells. For this reason, the odor of your stool after taking antibiotics for 5 days would differ from the smell produced if you took the drugs for 10 days.

iii) Infections

The odor, frequency, and consistency of your stool may change due to some bacterial infections or parasites. For instance, intestinal cancer makes one’s bowel movements smell terrible.

Moreover, intestinal conditions such as Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis lead to chronic diarrhea, leading to a potent poop smell lingering on your skin.

3. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Breakdown Taking Long

This gas is responsible for poop’s foul smell. Environmental chemicals must break down hydrogen sulfide for the smell to go away, which takes time; the longer it takes, the more the poop smell will linger.

How long does the smell of poop linger

How Do I Get The Smell of Poop Off My Skin?

So, you notice your skin smells of poop after using the toilet, and you wonder how to get rid of the smell. Worry not, do the following.

1) Thoroughly Wash Your Hands

Poop contains different germs, including Salmonella, E which you can easily spread to others and even make yourself sick by failing to wash your hands after pooping. Apart from that, your hands may smell like poop if you don’t wash them.

Therefore, rub antibacterial soap on your hands well, including between the fingers, for a minimum of 20 seconds before rinsing with running water. Hand gel will suffice if there’s no soap and water close by but wash your hands as soon as possible.

2. Odor Eliminator

Use an odor eliminator if you can still smell poop on your skin even after washing your hands. You can use salt, mouthwash, baking soda and lemon juice solution, toothpaste, or apple cider vinegar.

3. Take A Shower

A quick shower with enough water and soap will quickly remove the smell of poop from your skin. Showering will also remove fecal matter and bacteria.

4. Carry Baby Wipes

Smooth baby wipes will come in handy if you use public restrooms since you can use them to wipe your bum after pooping and also your hands. Wipe stray poop using a minimum of three wipes stacked together.

Why Do My Hands Still Smell Like Poop After I Wash Them?

The reason the smell of poop is still on your hands even after washing them is that you didn’t wash them properly. Perhaps you failed to use soap or rushed through the process.

The smell will also linger if it has been absorbed inside your skin already.

How Long Does Poop Smell Last On Clothes?

The poop smell will last on your clothes for different durations depending on the fabric type and the degree of absorption. The scent will last longer if your clothes are exposed longer.

Certain fabrics hold odors longer than others. For example, tightly woven fabrics with dense construction retain odors longer than loosely woven, lightweight materials.

Does poop smell stick to skin?

How Do You Get The Smell Of Poop Out Of Clothes?

Begin by rinsing your soiled clothes with clean water to remove the poop particles. After that, deal with the poop smell and any stains by washing the clothes using vinegar, liquid soap, and water.

Soap the cloth in a solution containing white vinegar (1 tablespoon), liquid soap (1 tablespoon), and lukewarm water (2 cups) for 15 minutes.

Cleaning some fabrics is easier than others. For instance, you’ll have an easier time washing wool, polyester, cotton, linen, and silk clothes compared to nylon and acrylics.

Final Remarks On Why Does Poop Smell Linger On Skin?

Now that you know why poop smell lingers on your skin and how to eliminate it, you can walk around confidently, knowing you don’t smell bad. Quality toilet paper, preferably 2-ply, will help keep your hands from getting soiled with poop while wiping.

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