6 Reasons Your Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet Keeps Running

When you buy a Glacier Bay dual flush toilet, you expect it to deliver powerful flushes using less water, a quiet flush, and an efficient, affordable toilet in general. So, it can be disheartening when your Glacier Bay dual flush toilet keeps running.

Your Glacier Bay dual flush toilet keeps running because of a faulty flapper, a damaged fill valve, a broken flush handle, and setting the water level too high. Other causes are debris accumulation, leaky pipes, a worn-out seal, a long chain, broken joints, and a faulty float ball.

A simple but well-planned DIY project can fix most of this problem. This post provides a thorough walk-through of the causes and fixes of a continuously running Glacier Bay dual flush toilet.

Why does my Glacier Bay dual flush keep running?

Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet Keeps Running (Causes & Fixes)

 ProblemPossible CausesRecommended Fixes
1.  Faulty FlapperWear and tear
Mineral deposits
Chemical use
Aligned the flapper correctly
Remove mineral and debris buildup
Replace the flapper
 2. Damaged Fill ValveImproper installation
Debris and sediments
High water pressure
The fill valve is worn out  
Re-install the fill valve
Brush the fill valve to remove debris and sediments
Reduce your home’s water pressure
Install a new fill valve
 3. Broken Flush Handle    Pulling it too hard
Wear and tear
Repair or replace the handle
 4. The Water Level is Too HighSetting the float too high
Malfunctioning fill valve
High water pressure
Adjust the float
Replace the fill valve
Remove clogs with a plunger, auger, or chemicals
Regulate your home’s water pressure
 5. Leaking PipesLoose pipes
Pipe cracks
Repair or replace leaking pipes
 6. Broken Zip TieWear and tearGet new zip ties

Continuous running is one of the annoying Glacier Bay toilet problems you may encounter during your toilet’s lifespan. So, let’s fix it by exploring the multiple causes and their recommended solutions.

1. Faulty Flapper

You can trace the cause of a running toilet to a faulty flapper. The rubber component seals your toilet tank and prevents water from flowing into the bowl until you push the flush button or pull the handle.

Unfortunately, this component can wear out or get damaged and, in turn, keep it from creating a tight seal. A faulty flapper causes different toilet issues, including allowing water to flow continuously into the bowl.

Many things can stop your toilet flapper from working well. These include:

Mineral Buildup

Over time, minerals in the water supply can accumulate on the flapper, causing it to stick to the valve seat or preventing it from sealing correctly.


Your toilet flapper must be properly aligned and installed to form a perfect seal. Your toilet may run continuously or leak if the flapper is misaligned or installed incorrectly


Using harsh chemicals such as bleach in your toilet bowl can lead to the failure and deterioration of components. The flapper will not be spared.


Due to frequent use and age, all mechanical components suffer from wear and tear.


Before fixing a faulty flapper, stop water from flowing into the tank and flush your toilet. After that, use vinegar and a brush to get rid of mineral buildup and other debris.

Examine the flapper for damages and signs of wear and tear and make sure it’s properly aligned. Replacement is a must if this component is worn out.

2. Damaged Fill Valve

Your toilet’s fill valve is in charge of refilling your tank after a flush. For this reason, your Glacier Bay toilet may run continuously if the fill valve is malfunctioning or damaged.

Damages in your fill valve can result from wear and tear from continuous use and age, mineral buildup, and debris and sediment accumulation. Improper installation and high-water pressure can also damage the fill valve. 


Before trying other solutions, ensure the fill valve is installed correctly because the issue could be as simple as improper installation. If that’s not the case, remove the debris and sediments using a brush.

Lower your home’s water pressure if it’s excessively high. Do so by turning the pressure-reducing valve’s adjustment screw counterclockwise; the valve is typically found close to the water meter or the primary supply valve.

If the other solutions fail, replace the fill valve.

My glacier bay dual flush toilet keeps running

3. A Broken Flush Handle

Flushing your Glacier Bay toilet would be impossible if the flush handle is broken. Moreover, a malfunctioning or broken handle can make your toilet run continuously.

When you pull the handle, the chain attached to the toilet handle lifts the valve or flapper, facilitating the water flow to the bowl. A broken or malfunctioning handle can make the chain disconnected or loose, keeping the valve or flapper from closing after flushing.

Repair or replace the flush handle and ensure the chain is connected to the flapper and has the proper slack. Remember that the flapper won’t close if the chain is too long, so make sure it’s the appropriate length.

4. The Water Level Is Too High

The right water level inside toilet tanks varies depending on the toilet. However, set the water height at the level mark at the tank’s overflow tube or back wall.

The Tank’s water level needs to be high enough to ensure there’s sufficient water for a complete flush, but it must be beneath the overflow tube. This level is typically around an inch below the overflow tube’s top.

Setting the water level too high can make the surplus water flow to the overflow tube, causing continuous running.

Different things can make your tank’s water level too high. These include:

a) Setting The Float Too High

If your toilet float is set too high, it won’t shut off the water supply when the tank is full, causing the water level to rise above the overflow tube.

b) Malfunctioning Fill Valve

Water flow won’t stop after the tank fills with water if the fill valve malfunctions. Due to this, your tank will flow nonstop.

c) High Water Pressure

The internal components of your tank can suffer damage from excessively high water pressure. For instance, the fill valve can malfunction, leading to leaking or making the water level too high, causing continuous water flow.

d) Clogs

Clogs can prevent water from flowing into the toilet bowl efficiently from the tank, which can lead to the water backing up into your Glacier Bay toilet tank. This causes a high water level in the tank.


Fixing this problem gets easier once you identify the cause. Therefore, depending on the underlying cause, you can either:

  • Adjust the float.
  • Replace the fill valve.
  • Adjust the water pressure by fitting in a pressure-reducing valve.
  • Eliminate clogs using a plunger or an auger if you are dealing with a severe clog.

5. Leaking Pipes

Your Glacier Bay dual flush toilet can run continuously if pipe leaks affect the water supply line. A leaking supply line means the tank won’t fill up, leading to continuous running.

Consequently, the fill valve will keep trying to fill the tank with water hence continuous toilet running. In addition, the fill valve may fail to function correctly if leaking pipes cause fluctuations in the water pressure making the toilet keep running.


Find the leaking pipes, then repair or replace them. Also, inspect your pipe joints and make sure they are in excellent condition; mend any broken joints.

Glacier Bay dual flush toilet troubleshooting

6. Broken Zip Ties

Some toilet models use zip ties which are durable, inexpensive, and easy to use to secure the refill tube to the overflow pipe. This attachment directs water into the overflow pipe as the tank fills up, preventing an overflow.

The zip ties need to be in great condition to function efficiently; however, they can wear out and break. A broken zip tie can separate the refill tube from your toilet’s overflow pipe, causing the water to flow into your tank rather than the overflow pipe. 

Due to this, the fill valve will malfunction, making your toiler run continuously since it cannot tell that the toilet tank is full.


Replace the broken zip ties with new ones. You are better off using two zip ties to make sure the refill tube is adequately secured.

Summary on Glacier Bay Dual Flush Toilet Keeps Running

Dual flush toilets are meant to conserve water, so it defeats their intended purpose when they run continuously. Fortunately, you can fix a Glacier Bay dual flush that keeps running through a simple DIY project. However, use expert help for issues beyond your competence.

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